Angel Wong started cooking her family recipes and offering them as tutorials. With a growing following for Angel Wong’s Kitchen, she now tests new recipes and creates several dishes but all of them are a throwback to her childhood and her Taiwanese roots.

Recently, Angel used one of our teas to create a Chinese favorite – Marbled tea eggs. If you’re looking for a pretty snack to include in your holiday menu, be sure to try it. It takes a little time but looks great when done! And the best thing is that it can be done in large batches. Steeped in tea and five spice powder, the eggs take on an interesting pattern and the flavors are classic Chinese.

Says Angel, “If it’s a tea that I enjoy drinking on its own, the more likely I’m to enjoy it in a recipe. I usually look for inspiration in foods from my childhood, that my grandmother cooked for me. I always try to incorporate the key ingredient or theme into the old recipes give it a modern twist.”

Angel used the Margaret’s Hope Spring Black tea to create this recipe. It’s naturally scented with jasmine, sweet greens and mango. Here’s the video! 



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