“It looks big, Earth. But there are lots of us on here (7,523,458,567 and counting) so be kind.” —Oliver Jeffers

This year, as we sat discussing Earth Day, we were delighted to discover through conversation, that in our ever-loving quest to be kind to the planet, we have developed some green habits to be kinder to our planet. Pitching in to share with you, here’s a list from our team and all they do to make this world a better place.

Prachi Jain
Cofounder/Brand Director

“I have always despised clutter. Too many things tend to distract and disrupt my thought process. So eventually I found myself naturally gravitating toward a minimalistic living philosophy. Reducing my ‘want’ and simply focusing on my ‘need’ has helped me to not only remove all the things we deem ‘necessary’ but co-laterally helped me to minimize my personal waste.
Also, I make it a point to always carry a cloth bag with me whenever I step out so that whenever I shop I do not have to get any paper or plastic bags.”

Gopal Upadhayay
Co-founder / Chief Sustainability Office

“Given that most of my diet is plant-based I have begun to wonder if I should start my own vegetable garden. I started off small with a tomato plant or two, experimenting with growing some pumpkins, till I realized I have a green thumb. So I went big, got myself a farm, and now I produce all my own vegetables. There is a world of difference in taste!
Taking a leaf out of my mother’s gardening book, I make my own compost from agricultural/animal waste. As she says, there is never any waste on the farm.”

Diwaker Chettri
Chief Customer Experience Officer

“While living in Delhi, given the fast-paced lifestyle, I would often forego taste and everything else for convenience. Using teabags was easier and until I joined Teabox and tasted a well steeped cup, I had no idea the flavors I was missing out on. Not to mention the amount of waste I was generating. So, I made the switch, easily, and since then have never looked back.
Given that now I have a greater appreciation of flavors etc. I choose to pack my lunch and bring it to the office rather than opting for outside meals. Not only is it healthier but this way I avoid any fast consumables.”

Mayukh Chanda
Chief Logistics Officer

“It all started during the pandemic when the world went under a lockdown. The chap who would sweep the streets stopped coming but the garbage didn’t cease. So, I took the initiative to begin cleaning. I first started with the front yard of my own house and slowly cleaned down the streets. It was so therapeutic and my intentions were bolstered when my friends joined in. Now, even with things back to normal, we have rosters on specific cleaning duties.
During my many cleaning sessions, I noticed an insane amount of paper cups. I realized unintentionally we create so much waste. Since then, I have stopped using single-use cups and now carry my own tumbler.”

Srinivas Nahak
Graphics Designer

“I remember packing my bags while I was shifting from Bangalore to Siliguri and by the time I was done, I had 16 bags out of which 10 included just clothes! I was appalled. I couldn’t even remember when I had purchased it and why but, this served as an excellent wake-up call. I donated most of my clothes and now my wardrobe is super minimalistic with only a few basics. Making this change has made life easier and reduced my time pondering on my fashion choices.”

Vidhi Saraogi
Graphic Designer

“My mother taught me and my sister to make our own shampoo/conditioner with natural ingredients. Using Indian gooseberry, soapberry, etc. I make my own hair wash within 10 minutes. Since I have been using this natural hair wash, my scalp health has never been better.”

Jonaki Pal
Quality Manager

“Did you know that an average office worker uses up to 10,000 sheets per year? Yes, I didn’t know either, till one fine day I decided to look it up. Given that so much of my work is dependent on paperwork, I decided to move the bulk of my note-taking to a digital medium to do my bit of green living.
The only downside, if I am running late on reports, I cannot blame my dog for eating my research work.”

Ankana Chakraborty

“I love to cook so most times when I would reach out for some garnish and find it missing from my pantry, or worse, find them dried and sad, the joy of cooking would go out. So I started making my own kitchen garden. I started with some coriander, mint, chili, etc. but watching YouTube videos I have branched out planting from scraps and just finished a batch of tomatoes. Can’t wait to see them grow!
Also, I always carry my own water bottle, not only to avoid packaged bottles but given my job profile, I find it pertinent to be safer than sorry.”

Samvit Kher
Content Writer

“I was scrolling through Facebook when I came across this horrible video of a sea turtle with a straw stuck up his nose. Like most, I love cold coffees and I consume plenty but until that video, I never thought of the straws I use and where they end up.
Since then, I always make a point to carry my metal straws and own cutlery whenever I step out.”

Mohona Banerjee
Content Writer

“I learned to not waste things right at my mother’s knees. From used tea leaves, eggshells, and vegetables, I use everything to create compost for my gardens.
However, one of the changes I am really happy about is switching to a menstrual cup. In the beginning, I was really apprehensive due to the prevalent notions of feminine hygiene. but, given the encouragement from my friends when I did make the change I was struck by how much sanitary waste I was preventing and how much better it was for the body. The cup is, for all women, a true life changer.”

Small steps have a much greater impact than we can imagine. Together, by learning from each other and growing, we can make this world a better place.

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