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Of Chai Kadas and Sulemani

The coast of Malabar, surrounded by tall coconut trees, the hilly areas of Munnar and kutty(small) stalls spread across the entire state, bring a scent, a scent of the brewing Chai culture of Kerala.

Sulemani Chai started brewing in the hilly areas of Kerala, Munnar, where people consume it as a digestive blend. Freshly brewed tea leaves simmered with refreshing mint, cardamom, and tangy lemon; Chai produces a dark red-brown color, with the addition of lemon yields a glorious red color. A pleasing aroma, at every Malayali, its the most common Chai consumed in Kerala. In a Malayali household, the morning cup is prepared with tea leaves simmered in milk, sugar, and cardamom.

Chai Wayanad Teabox

As you start to explore the Chai in Kerala, you will start noticing small Chai kadas (small shops or shacks) serving unlimited Chais. Pazham Pori and Bonda are the known local compliments to the Chai. The owner of the shop knows his customers, becomes a place to discuss politics and current affairs. It is the exceptional and innate skill of the Chai wallah as he performs theatre with Chai, along with giving his inputs to the discussion. It isn’t a cup from Kerala if the Chai wallah hasn’t poured Chai while extending his arm up in the air from one cup to another with no single drop of wastage. These cups are known as Meter cups as the height of the Chai in the air reaches about one meter right before serving.

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