Ready to reach for those pitchers of iced teas? We thought you’d want to do more with your iced teas this summer. So we invited Priya Vijan, baker and chef at Melt It Down, to try our iced tea blends. She wrote to say, she loved the Aam Panna, Ginger Taffy and Fruit Punch. “My palate is more inclined towards Indian flavours. Aam Panna has the typical raw mango extracts that tantalize the taste buds with the hint of roasted cumin. Ginger Taffy reminded me of  the sonth ki chutney that is made in every north Indian kitchen. Fruit Punch has refreshing flavours of fruit that reminds me of the traditional fruit punch.” 

Priya spent the last couple of weeks creating cocktails and mocktails with the iced teas. Her recommendations: “I have come up with the simplest recipes with very fetch-able ingredients.You could probably play around with the mocktails, using liquor to make them. Like adding vodka to a mint cooler/fruit punch. But just remember, to choose a liquor that will complement the flavors. And with iced teas, balancing the sweet with sour is the key to get a perfect drink!”
We leave you with one of our favorite cocktail recipes of the lot!

Berry Blitz

Strawberry Spritz Iced Tea concentrate* 120 mL
Gin 15 mL
White wine 30 mL
Cucumber slices, 1 or 2
Chopped strawberries, 3 to 4
Halved green grapes, 2 or 3
Ice cubes

Mix all the above ingredients and infuse overnight for best results. Suggested garnish: Diced fruits

Method: Stirred

*For the tea concentrate: Brew the tea for duration mentioned on the packet and infuse for not more than 2 hours. Allow it to cool & strain before refrigerating overnight.



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