Dads – gentle, loving, tough, radical, logical, supportive, the rock, a role model and most of all they are our Superheroes. In our eyes they are larger than life, always ready to fight evil. Always protecting us. This Father’s Day, let’s celebrate these great beings. Let’s celebrate their never ending love, warmth and their inexhaustible spirit of giving. Here, you’ll find members of Teabox with memorable pictures and loving words for the most wonderful people in their lives. Happy Father’s Day.

Kausshal Dugarr, Founder & CEO –

This pic combines the best about Father’s day from both ways.
Dad was no superhero, an ordinary person who went about doing what was needed to do without any validation or recognition. Yet everything was extraordinary in that. My earliest memories of him were him away on 16-18 hour tea estate visits 7 days a week. That was the starting days of him trying to build his business. That’s where I learnt how important hard work was. Every summer, he would take both kids to different parts of India on a holiday – no matter what. From that, I learnt how important is balance in life (yet to learn though). Every Saturday evening he was busy in some social activity and made a great set of life long friends and relationships. He was a keen reader of news/magazines/books which inculcated that habit in me. He lived a multidimensional where balance was the key and a concept called enough. If I can emulate part of how he is, I think I would be successful.

And only after I became a father did I realise the role reversal which has happened and all the things that I need to imbibe and emulate from my Dad, and play that role for Dia. To all the dads and all the young fathers out there.

Prachi Jain, Creative Director
He taught me to always sit straight, taught me that hard work always pays no matter what and that no work is small or big, cleanliness and being organised are few things I have learnt from him. Thank you papa for everything… being calm in difficult situations and a lot many more things are something I still have to imbibe

Gopal Upadhayay, Procurement – My son has taught me to slow down in life, live, breathe, look around, and find happiness in abundance. Just one hand towel and laundry clip makes him superman, random dance makes him laugh.

Deepak Bajaj, Finance & Strategy – Happy Father’s day papa – you are the one who has always been a strong support in various role as a teacher, mentor and friend nowadays – don’t know how but you are always able to guide on how to approach the problem – Thanks papa for instilling in me certain important skill set which no education in the world teaches – Thanks papa for all the comfort in my life – Love you always!

Ravi Kothari, Procurement – Best gift by God to me. I always think I can fulfil her wishes even if it requires extra pain from my end. But my feelings towards her can’t be expressed in words.

Pavithra Natarajan, Social Media Marketing – Papa to me. My superhero. A self made man who sacrificed so much for his family. He’d be away sailing for 6-8 months in a year and come home for a few. Staying away from us was probably one of the hardest things for him to do but he did, for me. So that I could have a great life. Thank you Papa. Thank you for being my superhero.

Soniya Tanmay Shah, Brand Marketing – “Dad, did I tell you, you are my superhero”. A strong personality with a warm heart.

Indrani, Product Development – Often my parents were told that it’s sad that they don’t have a son but my father responded by saying ‘my daughters do more then any son will ever be able to’. This gives us the motivation and confidence to work harder. Hope we are capable of making him proud.

Srishti, Human Resource – Papa gave me all the luxuries and yet taught me to survive without them. Stood by all my decisions and made me self dependent.

Mrinmoy Burma, e-Commerce – It is difficult for me to write only about my dad because I will never be able to differentiate between my dad & mom, for me they were always one soul, two bodies.If I am living a healthy life today, it is because of my Bapi & Maa, they had to sacrifice a lot for my recovery from Epilepsy, they had to sacrifice a lot to ensure me and my elder brother get the proper education so that we don’t face the struggles which they had faced during their lifespan. It is their love, sacrifices, care & guidance that made me the person I am today. I cannot point out a single thing that I have learned from my parents but when someone from my circle says I have got the qualities of my parents I feel very lucky & blessed how well they have raised me despite having many difficulties in life. I still remember when at times, I used to shout at them or disobey their advice and now after so many years I want to listen to them every single day but unfortunately that’s not possible anymore. I am sorry Maa & Bapi for everything & I love you both. Even though you are physically not present, I know your values, learnings, blessings will always guide me to the right way. I really wish I could say all these to them in person when I had a chance rather than typing it in a forum but as we all know, not all of us get a second chance in life.


Diwaker, Customer Service – The one who silently works hard, struggles throughout the day, sacrifices his dream and passion, fights a battle every day, to give us the best of everything, yet never comes home with that grim. Within he is fighting that ugly race but I always see him with a smile on his face. Some people call them Super Hero, I call him dad. My Superhero, who sacrificed everything just to see a smile on my face. A true friend and an inspirational figure. Though words aren’t enough to thank you, but you have always led by example of kindness, understanding, and loving nature. Dedicated to all the dad’s

Hitesh Sharma, Corporate Gifting – Thank you for all the sacrifices you make for our family and all the joy and love you bring into our lives. We couldn’t have asked for a better Dad! Happy Father’s day.

Anil Saraswat, Sammvaad Sales – Dad, You mean the world to me. There’s no one else on earth like you. You care so completely, give so quietly, and love so deeply. As the years pass, I realize more and more just how lucky I am to have a Dad as wonderful as you. Happy father’s day!

Veena Chandar, Sammvaad Head – Appa, You have stood by me in every phase of life. You have been my friend, mentor, coach (& strict headmaster at times)…. You have changed your life, sacrificed a lot for me , so that I could be happy! You taught me how to be a good parent! You not only tolerated all my tantrums but also corrected the mistakes and showed me the right path. You gave me the courage to face life, u trusted me and made me independent. Today I’m what I’m just because you and Amma.
I pray to God to give u good health and happiness…I’m lucky to have dad like u!!!! And ofcourse Abhinav is lucky to have such wonderful grandparents….
Happy Father’s day Appa….

Srinivas Nahak, Graphics Designer- Dad, you’ve helped me a lot in my journey both morally and financially and for that I’ll always be grateful to you. I pray to God for keeping you happy always.

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