cooking with tea

If you are in India, you are probably recovering from all the binge eating for Diwali, and if you live elsewhere in the world, you could be looking for a break after the big Halloween weekend. So, we thought we should veer you towards something healthy, light and delicious before we enter the Christmas season.
We have been toying with the idea of using tea as a cooking ingredient. While that’s not unusual, we’re experimenting a bit more than usual. Like with this recipe. The Lemon Dew is a newly launched blend that uses a green tea base. Lemon peel, ginger, black pepper and lemon flavoring make up the blend. So we thought it would be a great to use with fish. 
First, the fish fillets are dry marinated in the Lemon Dew tea leaves and then poached in a tea solution with lemon and ginger. The result is a moist, flaky, perfectly cooked piece of fish that just needs a light salad on the side. Because you will want to savour each bite of that fish without piling on too much. That being said, I know some of you may not enjoy eating just fish alone, so I also recommend adding a drizzle of a light sauce like lemon butter, and if you want a heartier meal, a side of steamed brown rice. That will make the experience more complete.
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