Once again, beautiful stories are about to be written. Maybe some of us will find new love. Some will celebrate everlasting love. Perhaps a few lucky ones will discover that a certain someone has been the one all along. However you stumble into your story, there’s a thoughtfully crafted gift for each one.

1. Rose Mist
An intense perfume of rose captivates the senses. Wonderfully sweet, this exotic white tea is definitely a good pick for your valentine.

2. Mountain Rose
Sweet and floral, sprinkled with exquisite spices, here’s a flavored blend to celebrate stories – the small ones and the big – etched together.

3. Lavender Spell
Refreshing bursts of lavender, sweet greens and menthol embrace the palate. A delectable black tea blend for those sublime moments spent in each other’s quiet company.

4. Coco Berry
Brimming with flavors of chocolate, strawberries and vanilla, here’s one for all the colorful times that have been and the ones yet to be.

5. Choco-Muscat Chai
Crafted from the finest cocoa beans and a generous measure of Darjeeling muscatel, this chai is perfect for the discovering-new-experiences couple.

6. Carafe Tea Maker
Travel on your mind? Love your tea just right even when you’re far away from home? Then the Carafe Tea Maker is perfect to steal those in-between travel moments together.

7. TEE-JAY Iced Tea Maker
Want to make a super cool impression? Might we suggest the chic TEE-JAY Iced Tea Maker then?

8. Meridian Tea Mug
If your valentine’s smitten by great looks, the Meridian’s a fine choice.

9. Serenity Gift Set
Packed with 3 delicate, flavorful tea selections – black, white and oolong, along with an elegant, glass tea-for-one set, the Uno Teapot. There’s nothing like an elegant gift to express your love.

10. Euphoria Gift Set
Picture this. Three of the finest black teas, a great tea-on-the-go Carafe Tea Maker, you, and your valentine. Oh, and a beautiful sunset. How’s that for a romantic setting?

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