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Our Pick of the Best Tea Blogs

1. Chaiwallahs of India
When two Fulbright scholars, Resham Gellatly and Zach Marks arrived in Delhi, little did they think they would embark on a journey with chai. The duo began to see a side of India that was unusually bound by this drink. And they began to chronicle the stories of India’s chaiwallahs. What’s not to love!

Our absolute favorite from their collection is the post, Behind Kolkata’s Clay Cups: The Bhar Wallahs of Kalighat

2. Teaxplorer
We love Drew ‘Teaxplorer’ Bednasek for the journeys he takes us on. For tea lovers who live vicariously, Drew makes it possible to accompany him on his travels, regaling us with unusual anecdotes.  

Our pick from this tea bucket list is the Morocco edition.

3. Sororitea Sisters
If tea reviews are what you are seeking, then the Sororitea Sisters won’t disappoint. They know their teas and clearly enjoy them as much as we do.

Our Jungpana Spring Black Tea can also be found here.

4. World of Tea
Tony Gebely is the quintessential tea nerd, so how can we not like his blog! It’s informative, well-researched and a most comprehensive site. There’s a whole range of stuff from mixing tea cocktails to how to process tea and even tea travels.

But the one that stood out for us is The Engineer’s guide to Tea Preparation 

5. Thirsty for Tea

Bonnie’s such a modern tea drinker and her blog is quite the place to visit if you are looking for some cool stuff, like tea recipes and even tea spots she recommends. But what we are excited by are her tea crafts.

Don’t miss the Christmas Tea Trees!



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  1. Wow! Thanks for sharing this list. Tea is my favorite drink so usually I search for this type of blog.

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  3. Just read this piece and it was very good. Thanks for such a concise, brief overview of the subject.. I am just getting started in the tea and coffee blogging business, and this was a nice little treasure to find.

  4. Thank you co much for the list.For a tea lover like me these blogs provide some interesting articles.

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