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5 exciting gifting ideas for a tea lover

When it is comes to gifting, the popular saying is it is the thought that counts. Were it true, the gifting industry wouldnt exist and wed be happy to receive a smile as a token of appreciation instead of a raise.

Gifts are – no matter how selflessly you choose to look at it- a reflection of your thoughts and choices, and not just that of the person you are gifting them to.

Now consider gifting a box of tea. It is sophisticated, thoughtful and meaningful. It definitely will definitely stand out from the clutter of traditional gifting choices. When you gift a fine collection of teas, it says something about you. It reflects on your good taste for finer things in life, and in equal measure, your recognition of the same in the person you are gifting it to.

Moreover, tea is healthy (rich in antioxidants, good for teeth and hair, helps you destress and so on). Love for tea isnt bound by gender and there is no wrong time for a good cuppa.

That said, picking a tea gift can be tricky as the selection of teas can be overwhelming. Darjeeling alone consists of over 70 different estates which produce multiple varieties of teas through the year. To add to this, each flush (season of harvesting), the origin and method of production adds to their nuances and flavors.

To make things a little easier, especially if you are new to teas, heres a short list of 5 tea gifting suggestions to get you started.

First Flush Darjeeling Teas: Considered the ‘Objet d’art’ among tea lovers, these teas are made from the tender pickings from the new leaves of spring. The leaves are known for their fruity-flowery character which produces a cup of complex flavors and aroma. The color of infusion varies from a light-yellowish to tints of orange depending on their origin. They make for a perfect cup of afternoon tea.

Darjeeling Muscatel teas: Muscatel is an elusive taste particular to some Darjeeling teas. This precise distinction of muscatel notes a flavor that is somewhere a cross between fruity and yeasty – has been nothing short of a serendipitous discovery. In fact, it is this distinction that has earned Darjeeling teas the title of Champagne of Teas. Their rich brown color, flowery aroma, and the distinct muscat grape-ish taste make it awfully difficult for any tea lover to not fall in love with them.

Nilgiri Silver Needle White teas: Painstakingly hand picked from the high elevation gardens of misty blue mountains of Nilgiri, these white tea varieties are known to fetch record prices at auction houses. These teas produce a liquor that is exquisitely colorless, mildly sweet with a tinge of fruitiness; a perfect variety that can be enjoyed anytime of the day.

Chai teas: Chai represents the coming together of the best of east and west. The finest black, green and oolong teas blended together with the most flavorful spices of India. A well thought out gift to introduce someone to India.

A sampler set: Lets admit it, despite the detailed descriptions and reviews, choosing a tea-gift for someone else could prove to be very difficult. And what better way to get them to try and experience different varieties by themselves than with a sampler set. A perfect gift for someone who knows not much about teas. A good way to introduce him/her to the versatility of the beverage.

If you think Ive missed out any option you think makes for a great gift for a tea lover, dont hold me against it. Drop in a word in the comments section telling us more about it.

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