Marion Ware, Teabox customer and tea lover writes,

“I started drinking herbal teas when I was four years old because I preferred “hot water” over hot chocolate. My parents were both coffee drinkers but the roasts in Vienna (Austria) where I am originally from are very bitter, so my preference for tea over coffee continued into adulthood. I like tea because there are so many different discoveries to make: where it comes from, when it has been harvested, how it has been made and blended. It is a very enjoyable hobby to collect, learn about, drink and share tea. I am looking forward to reading about all the wonderful estates that produce tea.

I prefer to drink my tea out of a clear Bodum Pavina thermo glass so I can fully appreciate its colour and light in addition to the flavour. The most special memories I have about tea are when I visited a tea plantation in the highlands in Malaysia for a tasting a number of years ago. It was an amazing and beautiful setting and the teas were very good as well. My favourite person to share tea with is my partner. It’s our way to relax after a busy day. I love all kinds of tea and there really is a tea for every time of the day. My most exciting discovery with Teabox have been the Muscatel teas. I had never tried them before and am looking forward to another season of it.”

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