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The Ultimate Tea Quiz

How well do you think you know your favorite beverage?

In which of these countries would you find a tea called Teh Tarik?

Where does Rooibos Tea come from?

What country does the US import most of its tea from?

What is the art of reading tea leaves called?

What is the most widely consumed breakfast tea in the world?

Which is the only tea that gets better with age?

What fruit is the oil that is essential to making the classic Earl Grey extracted from?

All done? Enter your name and email to see how much you scored!



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  1. So, I scored 6 out of 7 on your quiz because I didn’t know where US tea comes from….
    I live in Scotland!!

    I know you are most interested in the US market, but please acknowledge that not all your customers are American.

    • Aravinda Ananth says

      Hello Jo,
      Congratulations on your high score and sorry about the one you missed. But that particular quiz question on the US market comes from a story we carried on our blog.
      And rest assured we love that our customers come from all over, especially Scotland!

  2. I managed 5 out of 7. Better than I feared. I didn’t get Argentina or Malaysia.

  3. I wonder about the breakfast tea question—I thought it was a trick question because many (many, many) Chinese people start their day with longjing…

    • Saloni Samant says

      Hi there Adeline,

      The answer is the one it is (at the risk of disclosing it to other quiz takers) is because that particular tea is used in most breakfast blends around the world.

  4. Abrar Hazarika says

    Rude awakening….. coming from Assam I thought I knew something about tea,. But scored a pathetic 2 out of 7. Will certainly keep myself under watch from now on.

    By the way this is a near perfect website in design and human friendliness.

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