1. It’s a healthier alternative to alcohol.
  2. There’s a different kind of tea for every taste.
  3. It tastes delicioushave you tried Rose Mist?
  4. It comes elegantly packaged.
  5. It’s exotic— coming all the way from the foothills of the Himalayas.
  6. You can make a mean tea-infused cocktail (Recipe here)
  7. You are a recovering alcoholic.
  8. Coffee is passe.
  9. Tea can help burn off the holiday pounds.
  10. What is better than tea to tune out the holiday chaos.
  11. Because wine has no nutritional value.
  12. Because Sean Connery loves tea.
  13. David Beckham as wellbasically all hot British men.
  14. Because coffee and spices is a recipe gone all wrong.
  15. Calorie, who?
  16. So you can confidently play the good host.
  17. Because Downton Abbey says so.
  18. Because tea for two reads better than coffee for two.
  19. Because it will feel like you just took a quick trip to the Far East.
  20. High tea won’t get you a DUI.
  21. It can be had both iced or hot.
  22. Because gotta see that color!
  23. And who can tire of watching the leaves unfurl.
  24. Snip it open and it smells like Adam’s Eden.
  25. Because tea and yes are 3 letter words.
  26. Because thé and oui are also 3 letter words.
  27. You want to cuddle it when you have the mittens on.
  28. For a kickstart.
  29. Look up that leaf up close, now… that texture…
  30. It transports you to Andromeda galaxy. Basically you’re GOD!
  31. You know nobody else would’ve thought of it.
  32. It won’t gather dust on the shelves
  33. It comes in enough colors to make a Benetton ad.
  34. It’s got legacy, like memorable gifts should.
  35. It’s less expensive than an iPhone.
  36. Tastier too.
  37. And eco-friendly.
  38. You can give it to a vegan, a carnivore, omnivore, even someone who’s lactose intolerant.
  39. You are a tea evangelist.
  40. You can get it in Christmas colors.
  41. You can cook with it.
  42. It is hydrating in these cold dry winter months.
  43. It gives them an intellectual excuse to faff for another 20 minutes.
  44. It could grow into a family tradition.
  45. Because you like to wake up slowly, not with a slap in the face.
  46. Because coffee drinkers are hyper. Take it easy maaan.
  47. It makes you seem wise.
  48. It goes well with a hipster beard.
  49. Tea helps heal.
  50. It’s an anagram for eat.
  51. And finally, it just tastes so darn good.


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