Tea or Coffee?

You knew this was coming. And for good reason too. For quite some time we have been tooting our horns trying to profess the discernible goodness of fresh teas. And why not. Good tea is an experience; a beverage that allows you to sit back and relish a moment that’s really your own much like a wine if you come to think of it.

But when it comes to the question of tea vs coffee, there is really no objective way to evaluate a clear victor. At best, one could try and present an argument in favor of both and leave the sentencing to the subjective discretion of a rational mind.

So, through this post, I am going to put forward a case in favor of tea. (Coffee lovers may want to start penning a defense very soon).

Reason # 1 – Tea is as much a social beverage

The coffee industry has done a fantastic job of conveying that coffee is a chic product – all suave and gifted with gab – and is the perfect accompaniment to just about every class of conversation corporate or casual.

But do not be under the assumption that tea is any less social. We may have been laid-back with our marketing efforts, but we are getting there. And the timing could not have been more right.

The ambient beverage industry is undergoing a renaissance of sorts and everyone is looking for something that offers more than just an insta-kick. In a day and age when everything seems so rushed, tea comes as a humble antidote to all that hurriedness. (Anyone who has recently picked up a cup of tea over coffee will stand by my claim quite frankly).

Reason #2 – Tea goes with everything – every food and mood

In its role as an accompaniment, tea is quite versatile, especially if you compare it to coffee. You will be surprised to know how well tea pairs with an array of foods sweet and savory. A delicate Darjeeling first flush goes impeccably with seafood, egg-based delicacies and rich desserts like a crumble. And while it may sound pretentious, let me point out that tea goes just as well with the declass fare, such as finger food. In fact, pop into a Ritz Carlton for afternoon tea sometimes and the sheer array of amazing food pairings they offer with tea will startle you.

Coffee, on the other hand, does not quite lend itself well to savory foods. It pairs well with desserts but often its overbearing flavor profile makes it an unpleasant pick. Ask any Boulanger in this world which would they rather pair with a dessert. You will be surprised how many do not opt for coffee.

tea vs coffee

Reason #3 – There is a tea for every weather, every mood, and caffeine requirement

If I were marooned on a deserted island I’d want to spend my days of solitude with nothing but tea (except for food and water of course).

Good tea offers so much a coffee cannot. It’s refreshing – the one essential you look for in beverage. It’s versatile, favors condiments and there is a tea that matches every taste/mood preference strong or light, hot or cold, sweet or astringent, black or green, high-caffeine or low-caffeine, and so on. I am sure tea is likely to go with everything I can scrounge up to eat and as far companionship goes, its as good as it gets.

Reason #4 – Tea is good for health (and mental well-being)

Let’s talk about health. Now there are a lot of articles out there that side with one of the two beverages when it come choosing the healthiest between the two. Empirically speaking there are good qualities in both the contenders. But it just so happens that tea has a few more of those good points. And to testify this claim, I present to you the infamous and curious case of green tea and health benefits associated with this elusive variety.

Green tea has made quite a mark for itself in the health segment as one of those great elixirs that promote good health. In fact, Black tea is just as much a contender in the health and wellness category.

Coffee, on the other hand, has not had as much success in the health segment and not many advocate its existence altogether.

Reason #5 – There are so many new teas to choose from every year

Much like wine, there’s a new kind to choose from every year, and there is no such thing as same two teas. Imagine the number of possibilities here!

It’s unfortunate that tea has been attributed with an ordinary status in our society while coffee is considered so much more venerable, elegant and urban. I don’t say that coffee isn’t worthy of these accolades, but I feel tea deserves to be given a fair chance to prove that it’s just as worthy.

I have only scratched the surface here, but I am sure I have managed to catch the attention of all tea (and coffee) lovers reading this post. To the former, I hope I have just validated your amazing choice of beverage and to the later, I hope I have convinced you enough to give tea a try.

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