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For the love of tea

An unrelated brainstorming session, a projector filled with numbers, multiple parallel conversations and that awkward pause when you realise you’ve completely derailed from the initial conversation –  the perfect recipe for a great idea! 

Someone said we had reached 117 countries, which is more than 60% of the countries, and that is a great thing to talk about. We realized that people from all over the world have tagged us on instagram with beautiful images that translated their love for tea. And so the campaign started taking shape. 

We reached out to these wonderful people and asked  them to share pictures and stories of their favourite Teabox tea with a little poem that we wrote. 

It’s time for a picture! 

We wish we could be there too. 

But for the moment, here’s all we can do.

We have one thing in common, that’s for sure.

Our love for tea, our daily cure.

Black, Green, White, Oolong or Tisane,

The experiences are never mundane.

So, FOR THE LOVE OF TEA, if you really could,

(And we think you really should.)

Share your Tea Tales, with a tit-bit from your culture.

We’re just looking for a pretty picture.

And in return, we’ll have something waiting.

An exclusive coupon for your next purchasing.

Needless to say, the response was fabulous. We were overwhelmed with all the love that came our way and we made sure we shared the love on our IG feed. But not just for any month, we wanted it to be extra special and so we decided to dedicate the month of February to a lovely campaign titled – #ForTheLoveOfTea.

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