If you know any Indians you’d know that as soon as the first drizzle hits, we start preparing. Preparing for all the food that we are going to eat. Which mostly includes a variety of pakodas or fritters. And endless cups of chai.

As a child, the first few weeks of monsoon were also the end of summer holidays and we were still at grandmas. I still remember the entire family getting together every evening on the porch with grandma bringing in steaming hot plates of pakodas and trays full of chai. Us kids weren’t allowed the chai but we could grab as many pakodas as we wanted. 
For some reason I’ve never enjoyed the aloo(potato) pakodas. They are dull and starchy though they seem to be a favourite with many. But give me anything else – onions, corn, capsicum, even tomato and I’m on a binge eating spree. There’s something so irresistible about fried snacks especially when the rain starts pouring. 
These corn pakodas are not traditional. But I love how well the spicy crispy coating goes with the sweet corn clusters. It’s an unexpected flavor which makes you want to reach for more. I hope you enjoy making this recipe.
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