Whether nail-biting suspense or simmering intensity, we’ve got a brew that pairs perfectly with each of the nominees for Best Film.


Movie: Spotlight
Tea: Assam Masala Chai
Fighting the big fight, against all odds, this movie deserves a hearty sip. The Assam Masala Chai is bold, strong and feisty, and it revs up a regular cup of chai.









Movie: The Martian
Tea: Wah Spring Green

A reassuring cup of green tea that’s earthy and vegetal is just the thing to keep your spirits up through this movies.







Movie: Brooklyn
Tea: Rose Mist

A film as picturesque as this deserves something grand. Like the Rose Mist tea.







Movie: Mad Max Fury Road
Tea: Oaks Autumn Black

For all the wild, the loud, and the crazy in the movie, we have something strong yet calming.






Movie: The Revenant
Tea: Jungpana Autumn Oolong 

To counter all the cold and gloom of the movie, something smooth, gentle, and warm is a good idea. An oolong should work. It’s mellow, does not impose, and gently warms the soul.





Movie: RoomRoom_Poster
Tea: Russian Caravan

For a movie so touching, of hope and faith, of togetherness and strength, a classic tea – maybe a Russian Caravan. It’s strong, full of character, and supremely timeless.







Movie: Bridge of Spies
Tea: Doomni Summer Assam

It’s a movie about the strength of human character, of possibilities, and the ability to see above and beyond what’s staring at you. A hearty black tea is the perfect accompaniment.






The Big Short: An autumnal (Goomtee Autumn Black). The movie is weighty and overwhelming. So, something that's mellow and smooth to take in all the drama will do well.


Movie: The Big Short
Tea: Goomtee Autumn Black

The movie is weighty and overwhelming. So, something that’s mellow and smooth to take in all the drama will do well.

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