Hope this finds you well and hearty. Over the last month things have gotten better, in terms of people trying to get back to their lives and the gradual opening up of work and public places. Although the worst is not over, and we are still very uncertain about when that’ll happen, we have garnered great courage to move forward and our indomitable spirit has taken us back to fight the tragedy unflinchingly. It’s great to see people trying to do their best keeping in mind their health and lives of dear ones.

What was also great to see was the rejuvenation of nature and people’s rediscovered and growing respect for it. 5th of June marked World Environment Day and as we reopen our borders and cities, we should all be wary of the fact that nature needs its space and we should all work for the protection of our environment.

One of the several major themes that has come forth during these unprecedented times is the resurgence of or the falling back of people on traditional means of remedies, where nature and environment play a major role. Here in India, it’s Ayurveda and Yoga. And as this 21st of June is International Yoga Day, we’ve shared with you an article that encapsulates what Ayurveda and Yoga is and how they can be a part of your life.

In this issue, you’ll also find two more very interesting reads. One about how nature and environment plays a role in the character of a tea, and another about what your choice of tea reveals. This month, we’ve also started a live web series on Instagram – Meet the Growers – to bring our customers closer to tea planters from various regions. You can join in every Wednesday for that.

Stay blessed. Stay healthy.

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